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Professional Practices

Cyprus has benefitted from an influx of professional commercial businesses and, specifically, with entrepreneurs emerging after the 2020 pandemic and lockdown looking to capitalise on the new business landscape. As a result, the Cyprus authorities have increased focus on tax regulations and mandatory audit reports for new and emerging businesses.

Being part of the world’s 8th largest network of professional accounting and auditing firms, Nexia Poyiadjis possesses an ideal advantage in offering invaluable advice to both international and local professional businesses on audit, tax, business advisory, risk and other services across the Professional Practices sector.

At Nexia Poyiadjis, we offer a full range of specialist solutions designed to help you meet your business needs. Our partner-led teams can provide you with pragmatic solutions geared towards upholding the best standards of today’s professional practices industry.

Whether you are a small or large professional business, we can help you achieve your business goals now and in the future with ongoing support from our dedicated Professional Practices team.

For more information on how we can assist you or to request a quotation, please contact our service experts.